Acoustic performance

One of the most classic archival forms of printing is Cyanotype. Using a patent pending method which can include chemistry used in Cyanotype, HearSight is able to offer photographic tonality without detriment to the fabric’s ability to absorb sound. These cyan dye prints work great as surface finishes for acoustic absorption, and they can also be used as coverings for amplifiers & loudspeakers. 

You might ask, why can't I put an inkjet canvas print over a sound panel or loudspeaker? Because the ink creates a closed cell configuration, blocking the pours of the canvas. Thus, we must dye the fabric to achieve the acoustic performance we are after.

Sound Panel Web Graphic.jpg

Construction Detail

HearSight sound absorption panels are wrapped with a textile printed with a patent pending method. After the artwork is fixed to the textile, it is wrapped around mineral wool, an acoustic absorptive material known to be efficient at absorbing sound in the critical frequencies found to be problematic in many buildings.

Made in Portland, Oregon.


Back of Unfinished Panel

Here we can see the mineral wool encased behind the prints before it is sealed and finished.

Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 7.57.32 PM.png


Each print is hand crafted exploiting the best of analog and digital printing techniques. HearSight can provide you with custom imagery using our patent pending printing process, or you can select from our exclusive inventory.