HEARSiGHT specializes in location sound recording, photography, and printmaking and is dedicated to the synapsis between these forms of art. HEARSiGHT is owned and operated by Justin Fernando Valls who brings international experience sound mixing and recording film, television, commercial, and web based content.

Over the last 15 years Justin has designed the shape and surface treatment of critical listening spaces as an architectural acoustical consultant, he's sound designed film and television programs with international distribution, and engineered multi-channel soundscapes to compliment visual art exhibits.

Justin fused his scope of experience in the visual and sound arts to invent a method of facing sound absorption panels and loudspeakers with artwork. 

HEARSiGHT LLC is nomadic for many months of the year based upon the project or job but its permanent address is in Portland, Oregon, USA.

For booking, orders, or questions feel free to call Justin at: