When there’s no more bush to whack and all feels found what remains worth doing? Why the drive for doing the undone? Centuries of doing the undone.

the L.A. River Trial 


An attempt has begun to make a speaker cover primarily with the natural resources that remain in the urban landscape. The printing process used to create an acoustic textile requires sunlight and water. The aim of the L.A. River Trial is to expose and wash a series of prints directly in the basin of the L.A. River. The chaotic conditions will introduce welcomed imperfections born by embracing a loss of control. What beauty remains in the devoid? 

In Feb of 2018 Justin began making an encampment in the Arts District of L.A to complete this effort. It's been a trying time to re-establish remote printmaking capacity.


1) Photographer - a photographer willing to document the printing process in the L.A. River

2) Printmaker Assistant - an assistant willing to have fun, setup blackout tents, load supplies into the basin, and to find the best sushi and ramen holes in Little Tokyo. All "training" provided. 

Any support, be it notes or words of encouragement are needed right now!!! In addition to the cued HEARSiGHT content, we are collecting suitable images to print in this location. If you have an image that matches the spirit of the current state of the L.A. River, contact us!

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Fraught with political and social upheaval, poverty, and rampant corruption - Albania is home to Europe's highest emigration rate. Eksod (Albanian for Exodus) tells a story of a movement of people that seek an escape.

Eksod will deliver a 12 channel sound array designed from field sound recordings, complimented by a printed storyboard. The sounds and images disperse through a purposefully designed architectural space allowing the viewer to freely navigate the immersive story. The multi-sensory theatre incorporates live performance in concert with the artwork. 

Production of Eksod was completed in 2016 and the nomadic theatre construction remains in development. A preview of this work may be accessed by appointment to see the printed portfolio. Please direct preview requests directly to justin@HEARSiGHT.com  

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