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HEARSiGHT™ specializes in location sound recording and printmaking. We invented the Amp Tattoo & Acoustic Shoji Screen using a proprietary method of printing on acoustically transparent surfaces.

Note: lawyers recommend we use the word “proprietary” but we don’t like it unless when used in the context of the wild west. As in:

Ranchero/Gringo: “It’s Proprietary.” Ranchero spits in a spittoon and winks at you before zippering his fly.

HEARSiGHT LLC was founded by Justin Fernando Valls who brings international experience sound designing & recording film, television, commercial, and web based content.

J. Fernando Valls has designed the shape and surface treatment of critical listening spaces as an architectural acoustical consultant and claims to have made a fairly accurate cat call to a marmot in the North Cascades.

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HEARSiGHT™ is based from Portland, Oregon USA