Custom Amp Tattoo

Custom Amp Tattoo

from 325.00

If you have your own B&W artwork you’d like to provide to HEARSiGHT for us to create your custom Amp Tattoo, this is the option for you. Be sure to have a 300 dpi TIFF or JPEG of your design and license rights.

Price is based on the longest dimension of the Amp Tattoo.

NOTE: This sale is only for the pictured Amp Tattoo and DOES NOT include pictured amp.

Questions on fitting & sizing to your amp?

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Our original palette began with Blue & White. Over time we were able to develop a Black & White option which requires a significant additional step to our artistic process so we need to charge a little extra when making you a Black & White Amp Tattoo. If your image began in color, HEARSiGHT can convert the image to B&W and we’ll make sure it pops. See How it Works for more info.

As with all custom Amp Tattoo’s, feel free to setup a Free Collab session to discuss the artwork you would like to use. We prefer a 300 dpi JPEG or TIFF file.