No Needles. That’s our pledge.

Getting your Amp Tattoo is a creative journey. Let’s make it fun.


telephone 128x128.png

1) Holler

Your Amp Tattoo matters. They aren’t made for lemmings who stand in line and order machines to make their shit. We make things the old fashioned way for talented humans.

We want to hear your voice. Tell us your dreams and wishes. Maybe they should be crazy.


2) Pick your Amp Tattoo

Do you already have a design for your amp? Do you have a concept but need to have the art created? Or are you just beginning to think of the possibilities?

We’ve got the goods to get you going.

rock out 128x128.png

3) Shred

You’ve arrived at your design and you’re ready to commission the art for your amp.

Time to settle up partner. HEARSiGHT invented the Amp Tattoo but we aren’t pricing them for the rich.

We know what it’s like to be a struggling artist.

Amp Tattoos should be accessible to musicians regardless of income level.