amp tattoo [verb]

to ascribe balance between what’s seen and heard


Your amp deserves to look as beautiful as it sounds.

Express balance where it matters, on stage or in your living room.


Click the image above of the Ganesh Amp Tattoo to watch a short video on its creation.

When he said they could put my art on my amp, I bought him a beer.
— Seth Mehr, Bass Amp Tattoo owner

Benson Amps L.E. Series


HEARSiGHT™ has collaborated with the renowned amp maker Benson Amps to create our first joint Amp Tattoo. We’re excited to offer the first series of Wolf Amp Tattoos in a limited edition series.

Only ten cabinets are scheduled to be made to kick-off this howlin’ occasion.

Inquire directly with Benson Amps about their availability.


The HEARSiGHT™ Ganesh featured in Vortex Magazine’s “Made in Portland” 2018 issue. We appreciate the love Vortex!


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