Acoustic Shoji Screen

Printed & toned in the LA River on flax fibers, laced thru copper grommets with bonsai twine to branches of Manzanita trees polished with bees wax & linseed oil. Shown here suspended from a crane.



HEARSiGHT spent a bit of 2018 in Los Angeles creating the process to form the first black & white Acoustic Shoji Screen. In this video, a makeshift bamboo pole is seen being used to develop and tone the print in the LA River. Later in the year it would be stretched to the Manzanita live edge frame to complete the Acoustic Shoji Screen pictured suspended above the grassy pasture.

The Acoustic Shoji Screen is a visually preferable means of reducing reverb and echo in critical listening environments.


The LA River Trials Motivation

Disbelief, armageddon, absurdity. The sight of the concrete embankment smacked me as I crossed over the culvert beside downtown Los Angeles. It wasn't the first time I'd seen this spectacle. Nearly thirty years ago I trembled watching the Terminator careen his motorcycle through this urbanite maze. On the once wild LA River, Schwarzenegger's blockbuster aptly shot a story about the end of days. I wasn't concerned the ebbing river had been tamed with steel & sand in the name of humanity. For all I knew the glorified gutter was a fantasy I needed not reckon.

Manufactured landscapes are fascinating fossils. Look how a series of sensible decisions stacked age upon age can amount to such supreme dominion. The marveling epitome of man versus nature. The Army Corps of Engineers might see these concrete ditches as a public works success while the Sierra Club might see a failure. In either case, I hope we are but adolescents with a more mature story to come.

I nurture that hope by embracing analog chaos in defined regions of my printmaking process. This process involves two primary ingredients: water and sunlight sensitive dye. Depending upon the alkalinity of the river and the UV intensity of the sun, irreproducible visual designs can be transferred to a textile. I create these textile designs for their suitability to acoustic applications, but it's the process that motivates my work.

Forgive the beaten & discarded water from the LA River, let it seep into the fiber. Let there be tangible proof that we can still reach a more balanced state - be it in the EQ curve of the room, or in the spirit of a people.



Fraught with political and social upheaval, poverty, and rampant corruption - Albania is home to Europe's highest emigration rate. Eksod (Albanian for Exodus) tells a story of a movement of people that seek an escape.

Eksod will deliver a 12 channel sound array designed from field sound recordings, complimented by a printed storyboard. The sounds and images disperse through a purposefully designed architectural space allowing the viewer to freely navigate the immersive story. The multi-sensory theatre incorporates live performance in concert with the artwork. 

Production of Eksod was completed in 2016 and the nomadic theatre construction remains in development. A preview of this work may be accessed by appointment to see the printed portfolio. Please direct preview requests directly to  


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